Anybody know a Pro personally and found out what they use?


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Man it would be nice to really know what some of these guys are using. I just finished watching Pumping Iron last night and the difference between the bodybuilders of today and the bodybuilders back then is crazy. A lot of those guys back then wouldnt even win an NPC show.
I don't know any pros, but here's what Tom Prince said about his AS use (from Chad's board)

My PERSONAL opinion, is that more than 4.5-6 iu's/day is a waste. I've seen guys do 9 iu's/day, and some guys go as high as 18 iu's/day. Other than holding a shitload of water, there's no appreciable difference between 6 iu's and 18 iu's.

As for gear, 800-1200 mg's a week of test, plus an anabolic or two, is all I ever do. So, what Dave Palumbo reccommends is not to far from what I, in fact, really do.

I've always known that what most people think of how much gear the pro's use is NOWHERE NEAR reality. I had a guy in chat room once try and tell me that the pro's spend $80,000/show on gear. I added it up, and last year for the Night of Champions I spent $2800 on gear for that show. That's a total of EVERYTHING. Clenbuterol, cytomel, teslac, proviron, ephedrine, caffiene.. EVERYTHING!!

No, most pro's do NOT stay on all year round. I come off for as much time as I just spent on. Usually, off-season cycles are 6 weeks on-6 weeks off. While dieting, I go 6 on-2 off-6 on-2 off. That's 16 weeks, which is the length of all my diets, and I usually go off for 8-10 weeks after every show.

INSULIN USE: There's certain pro's who are big believeres in this. One "guru" I know has all his guys use Insulin in the off-season, and he even laughed at me when I told him I didn't use it. To be honest, he didn't believe me, cuz' he said "You're 308 pounds WITHOUT it? BULLSHIT".

To be totally honest with you guys, I'm not comfortable telling you how to do something I don't do. I'd be talking out of my ass if I said it worked, because I have no real personal experience with insulin. I mean, not anything beyond just taking 10 units with my first carb-up meal on Wednesday before a contest. That's all I've ever done.

I spent $2800 bucks getting ready for the NOC this year. $2800 TOTAL. That includes the GH. The 3 iu's I do, 6 days a week. That's 126 iu's every six weeks, or 252 iu's in 12 weeks. I paid $400 per box, so that's how much again on GH for the entire diet? Whoa... a whole $800. Fuck that $500 per box at 18 iu's a week bullshit, too. Where the fuck do you guys come up with this crap??

I don't mind telling people, because I get sick of hearing we (the pro's) are all drugs. But, like I posted before, the reason no one believes guys like me and Lee Priest, is because they can't get to our size. Has nothing to do with reality, or what we spend, or what we take, or how hard we train. It has to do with what other people CAN'T do. So they need an excuse. Nothing more than just a bullshit excuse.

Forgive me for this rant. But I resent my 15 years of busting ass in the gym being reduced to a cycle or two.
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I am tired of hearing the bullshit of how pros uses unreal ammounts of gear. I know of one pro that will be soon top of the sport and his dosages where what you said above. Pros put a lot of hard ass work into their diet as well as their training. I know a lot of guys on these types of boards that do nearly twice the amount as some pros do and are only half the size. There is a lot more to bodybuilding than just the drugs.
i talked with a npc competitor who said he had worked out with and knows ronnie and he said coleman was on 600-800 of deca and test and thats it as far as anabolics , for what its worth i got the impression that he was telling me the truth , i didnt have time to ask him about other stuff ronnie was on , some people came up to us
I use to have the same trainer as this one pro (who has gone on to do very well) and what he was doing was not much more than me.

Pretty crazy.....

I don't remember what it was, or how much. But he was using much less than what most people use for a state show......


I also have a friend who just turned pro, last year who used only Tren and WV with Gh for his show....

The kid has great genetics.. I hate him for it.. J/K