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I'm just wondering if anyone here has tried or has had any experience using citadel somatrop brand GH.. I'm able to get it for a pretty decent price, I can't find ANY info on the net about it, none what so ever. The only thing that comes close to anything useful on it was on another forum where someone posted a test they got done on one of the vials through this company called janoshik and it said to have come back at 6. Something ius per vial, but that is all I could find.. anyone with any info on this product?
I know of Dozens of UGL-Grade Growth Hormone Brands.
But I've never heard of Citadel, and Nothing comes up on a Search.

I would pass on it, unless you know someone who has done it, and did Bloodwork........................... JP
The only Janoshik I know of is some Guy who was providing HPLC Testing.
But that was back in 2016, nothing since.
Thanks guys, appreciate the input. Im still trying to do some digging around on this growth though, mainly because the guy has a really good line of gear, with wicked reviews all over the net and not a single bad one, so far I've tried his test cyp and sdrol and I have some NPP DBol n more Cyp on the way, plus I made better gains on 400mg of his cup and 30 of sdrol than on 500mg tren and 800mg eq from inno. now I know that gear and growth are two completely different things and good gear doesn't mean his growth is any good but I haven't completely given up hope since he seems like a pretty stand up guy and it would be really out of character to sell something bunk.. anyway the link I'm putting below is what I've been able to find about this Citadel Somatropin GH brand that I'm trying to get info on, I really respect the opinion of the guy who posted the info as well, he seems to be a stand up member who knows his shit which is another reason why Im still looking into this brand, he even had the GH tested by *** and posted the test results in the post as well. Again, anyone with any info on it, or anyone that's tried it, please chime in.. if after this I still can't get any feed back I'm just gonna write it off and stick with his gear. ***op, Thanks in advance bros!!
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