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A short reply to 2thick- on the anabolic board

In honor of Ranger-who knows well the potential evils of Deca

Nandrolone, popularly known as Deca, is a classified as a progestin. Deca derives many of its benefits from its progestenic nature: including, but not limited to, increase IM fat storage and increased fluid retention in the joints from glucocorticoid(GC) stimulation.

Deca is the most widely used form of prescription contraception in the first world. Deca is superior to testosterone as a form of birth control because its progestenic effects which result in rapid onset of azoospermia. Progestins are used similarly in women, progestins given to women in birth control pills and other drugs such as norgestrel and norethidrone are classified as 19-nor-testosterone or 19 nor- progesterone derivatives. Natural progesterone plays an important role in sexual arousal- affecting GABA to a considerable extent. The addition of progestins like deca which compete with progesterone and decrease its production may result in drastically reduced sexual arousal. Interestingly enough, the chemical castration of sex offenders, is acheived through the use of a 19-nortestosterone derivative.

This brings us to the second most common problem with the use of progestenic drugs like Deca, the breast tissue has both PR(progesterone receptors) and ER(estrogen receptors) and stimulation of either will result in new tissue formation and growth. This will vary considerably from individual to individuals based on the numbers and ratio of receptors in the tissue. Some individuals have more PR, which will make them more susceptable to Gyno. Another suspected factor is that there are slightly physiologically different PR, as well as ER and AR, which may effect binding and expression of synthetic progestins either positively or negatively.

The use of Anti-estrogens and Aromatase-inhibitors will help by reducing stimulation of the ER in the breast tissue. However, those with high concentrations of PR or PR whose physiology allows for greater binding or expression of progestins will be faced with developing Gynomacastia.

In short

1. DECA dick is real

2. DECA does cause Gyno

3. DECA is progestin it must be fought with anti-progestins

4. Use of Nolvadex and Arimidex will help, but only by reducing ER stimulation.

Macro is also know to be a crack head, so take his advice with a grain of crack.
It cracks me up that people continue to down deca....It is one of the best steroids out there and has been for years... Its seems like so many people have jumped on the EQ bandwagon and all the sudden this once very sought after drug is now a terrible product....
2Thick said:
Macro is also know to be a crack head, so take his advice with a grain of crack.

If you have a problem with gyno when using deca, use nolvadex. Progesterone alone CANNOT cause gyno. Block estrogen, and progesterone can't do shit.
that's why you combine deca with test. to get the benefits of deca without getting the downsides of it. plus you'll grow crazy with test as well.
i am currently running Test E 1200mgs wkly w/ 600mgs Deca wkly... on my 5th week... and cant believe the gains/results i am seeing !
progersterone WILL cause gyno if you are susceptable, that statement is in fact accurate. One should underestimate progesterone effects they are similar in accuity to estrogen...l-dex nolva...none of that will prevent that, it all depends on physiology and dosage...
Die$eL~Man said:
i am currently running Test E 1200mgs wkly w/ 600mgs Deca wkly... on my 5th week... and cant believe the gains/results i am seeing !

Damn diesel how do you feel personally, good, agitated. What's your demenor like runnin that kinda of gear? Do you take anti-e's with that cycle?
I have blocked the production of estrogen with an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) in patients along with estrogen blockafe with Nolvadex, and they have still developed gyno while on Deca. That's proof enough for me.

This same phenomenon can occur with HCG, as it also increases 17-OHP levels.
these are the kind of things that scare me away from deca, its so put down in recent years that it seems like it shoodnt be used almost, but so many people love it.
Deca might work different for some people, but it's been very good for me. I've mixed it with some test, and got some good gains, not to mention the problems I had with my tendons. From my own experience - deca do you good
glucocorticoid(GC) stimulation - from deca helps the joints but there are always costs.....

everyone always touts the benefits of deca and the joints....what are the neg bens associated w elevated GC?

PS. i love deca. i have had cycles w very little neg side effects, and i have had cycles with BIG neg side effects....hhmmmm.
ya know just counter the mr. floppy dick effect of deca....i'm just gonna take cialis..that way my erections are superb. test doesn't really help that much when you're intermediate.

yup the rascal is back!!!!