Estimate your BF based on these pics.


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well mine came in at 31.1 but looking at them pictures id say mine was around 25, the only noticable fat on me is my stomach that what ever i try it doesnt move at all.
doing cardio 2 times a week and heavy weights 4 times a week with ab work most days


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Great thread and a real reality check for a lot of guys including me. Based on the pics I'd say I'm at 15, lots of work to do!


Awesome link, best easy comparison pic ive seen ina while with more good info! My odd body makes it hard to guess but sadly id say im sitting at around 16-18


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That was helpful thank you, I will still get tested before recording but I would say I'm between 14- 20 bf% closer to 20


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I've often put up my photo for people to do an estimation. My main thing is I have no core, I have never worked on main lifts until a few months ago. Which is the past few months my core is strengthening and becoming a tad more revealing. But back a bit ago i'd be posting pics up for review and they all estimated me around 12-13 % BF, it just I have no core to show the low BF. So its hard to go off by those pics.


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pretty close. I've always heard and it's held true that at 12% you can see the upper abs and at 9 to 10% full abs are visible. Haven't tested above that as I try to stay at 12 or under.