I'm frontlaoding about 1,600mgs in bi's today!


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yes t-400 1 cc per bi and 1 cc 200mg cyp per bi and 1 cc deca 200mg per bi, and 1/2 cc 100mg prop per bi get BA out and warming now.
yes 3 1/2 cc's per bi.

1,700mgs in bi's (frontload) see how much pain I will be in soon!

along with 100mg fin and 30mg d-bol EOD

King Of Pain love them spikes in bi's and tri's!
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took 10 mins put on sterile spoon and heated a bit put 3 cc 1 1/2 deep in each bi.
No pain yet keep ya updated if any problems!

25 ga 1"1/2 B-D's worked great took a bit longer to inject but no pain.

Slower injections are better for tissues!
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My eyes rolled back when i heard T400 in the bi, then I almost fainted when i heard 1.5 inch.
I was gonna post a pic's got deep in fascia no bone relaxed muscle slight angle at head of peak.

I did almost 1 hr ago no pain yet!
You know your spoon thing doesnt remove any BA right? Look up the BP, if you heat your spoon that hot....lol..your injecting toasted hormone.
heat very slowly and it does not even boil or get nearly over 200 degrees.
I been flammed for this but it works takes away pain and fever and hard lumps.
I will always use this method.
I did read your post on removing BA was interesting but untried by me.

Quote Billy:

A substance boiling point is not determined by temperature, but by vapor pressure. Once the substances vapor pressure is greater than atmostpheric pressure, it will begin to boil. The temperature is just based on what usually happens here on earth at 1 atm.

Think about water. Its 212. Sit a glass of water out for a week and come back. What happens, there is less water isnt there. Its because boiling isnt determined by temp, but pressure.

So by that, there is a chance some BA may evaopatorate from fluxations and partial pressures, but its not going to be much at all.

If you want to lower BA do this.

Inject a small amount (5-10ml per 100ml maybe) or sterile water into your oil solution. Swirl it around really well (but dont shake). Then let it sit untill the layers have near completely settled. Remove the water now.

Because BA is also soluable in water but oil and test are very low soluable in water, some of the water will contain some of your BA. Repeat this until you get it where you want but beware...if you take out too much BA, your solution may crash. It could be a good idea to have some extra BA or other solvent on hand if you take it too far.
GOD DAMN DG!!!! 3 1/2 cc's in each bi & t-400 at that!!! You are one crazy mutha!!! I get sore inj. 3 cc's in my quads sometimes.