i'm new to the forum and this will probably be my first cycle. any suggestions.



i was thinking of taking deca injections. 2ml/200-500mg per week for 12 weeks with testosterone. any suggestions or opinions? oh btw if i do go through with this whats the deal with water retention and how do you stop it?
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Oh, and wecome to the board! You'll learn a great deal about everything BB'ing related here. Lots of smart guys.
i appreciate it, i'm into lifting and body building, but i'm a wrestler, but not like wwf, like real wrestling . collegic, greco, freestyle. my main focus is to get on gear to gain bulk, i need to move up a few weight classes and put on some muscle gain and plus i start fighting this summer(MMA). i will read that link you sent me before anyother questions are asked. thanks again,

You have a lot to learn, and since you are a competitive athlete I would say you owe it to yourself and your body to be very knowledgeable before using any substances that could potentially get your in physical or even legal trouble.

Anyways, almost anyone will tell you that you should do a testosterone only first cycle. 500mg a week for 12 weeks is the norm, and probably best.

Are you drug tested?
17 and i've have been told that alot, i've already been on test. i stop taking test this year. i was taking oral test though too. i have a friend who takes anadrol orally that works for him, but i would rather do injections according to one of the articles i read from the link that you gave me that you told me to read from.

and i am not drug tested. they don't do that here in oklahoma.
And we hit the brakes right here.

Your too young for steroids. They will affect your growth, and can cause serious complication for someone your age. You gotta wait at LEAST 3 or 4 years.
i was using test when i was like from right before i turned 16 to just like a few months ago. i stopped i believe it was right before the season started this year, so it was like oct. 15 or so.
well when the time comes little broli .we will be here to help you out ok in the meantime keep pumping and getting that body into tip top shape ok it can be done at your age no probi wish you luck in all you do ..we will be here when you need us....
do you really think they would be that bad. i do turn 18 in 4 months, and i'm kinda at that point were i'm not going to grow no more. i've really seen a doctor(not about steroids, because no one can know) but about my growth and doctors say i will not grow no more. i'm 5 foot 10 almost 5 foot 11 and am weighing 154 right now on season and almost 170 on the off season.

youngblood like we said we cant and wont tell you how to run your life and what your intentions are but as adults here we cannot condone to steriod use at this age ok...ask questions on how to better yourself as a young adult! we can do that ok ask anyone on this thread
Whoa bro, honestly you shouldn't be cycling. Your nowhere near your natural genetic potential for strength or size.

Unfortunately it seems your not going to listen (shame on you!) so in this very unidealistic situation, we can only give you the best advice possible to minimize your side effects. Just be warned that there could be serious reprecussions in the future.
sir i would really appreciate any help. its very vital in my life that i do this now. i fully understand that there may not be any serious reprucussions in the future but there could. i really do understand.

I know you understand, the problem is you don't care! 15 years from now you probably won't be wrestling, yet you could be dealing with the consequences of your actions from now. Do you want to be 20 years and bald? How about having acne all over your upper body so badly that refuse to remove your shirt? Do you like breasts? How about a pair of your own.

Anyways, since your not going to listen...Test only. No orals, especially at your age. They are dangerous enough for someone who is fully developed.

First time cycle as follows:

Weeks 1-10 - Testosterone Cypionate/Enanthate @ 400-500mg/wk
Weeks 1-10 - HCG @ 250 iu 2x a week
Weeks 13-14 - Nolvadex @ 40mg/day
Weeks 15-16 - Nolvadex @ 20mg/day

If you begin to have itchy or puffy or sore nipples, have extra Nolvadex on hand and use 40mg ed (that means everyday) until those side effects are gone.
ok is this test going to help me at all? i need some serious gains? i appreciate your help.