Promatrix Testobol

Mad Dawg

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Any one out there try promatrix Testobol or heard any good news about it. If so comments or knowledge would be appreaciated about it. Please no b.s. ............................. p.s. Do all of these testostorone inhancers cause nut shrinkage if not which ones dont. Just trying to increase my testostrone level is all being 43yrs old its tough to keep it in line. working out 4 days a week you need all you can get at 43. dont much care for zma for increasing natural testostorone. any other options thanks. Tear. It. Up. Mad Dawg!
Its not worth the money.

You need a topical 1-test/4-ad stack to make nice gains from.

Oh, and if the product is potent and good enough, it will shrink the jewels ;)
I have been using for 3 weeks now, taking 2 tabs every 8 hours, morning, afternoon, & before bed. My wife has seen a difference already! I am going to continue for another 3 weeks and wait for oxabol. I found it for 45.00 on the net, not a bad deal for 3 weeks of 6tabs/day.:)