researchkits liquidex

Ordered liquidex from and in the mail today i got a package but the bottle doesn't match the photo on the website. This is a blue bottle w/an eye dropper and the label says LIQUARIM. Is this new or what?
Chemripped, the owner of Researchkits checks in here everyday so Im sure you'll have an answer by tomorrow. Its possible that in the manufacturing process, the regular bottles may have run short and they had to use a different bottle. Who knows. But I am sure Chem can help you.
One thing I can assure is his powders are great and he pays top dollar for a good products.
It sounds like the liquidex I plan on getting some for research as I never tried it.
I hear all good things about it.
its shipped that way probley for legal reasons bro..
not sure but I'd bet my let nut its good and chem will answer this soon as he reads this in the morning it seems he is usually on in morning to answer any questions.

He is a very busy man but always polite and takes care of any problems asap ask Tom "The Angry Shipping Dwarf". lol

he sets high standards bro and I'm not saying this becease I support his products I recieve very little for doing but like helping out bros get what they need w/out an illegal source or a script a Dr may or probley won't give out to you.
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I honestly have not seen anyone who taken his products unsatified with results they got off products.


I for one want to try a few of his products I have not tried yet to be sure.

I do see a lot of people disapointed it don't have a fancy label on it as this is the "grey area" for research only that Chem knows.
dunno... today was the first day. Didn't want to take any until i got the go ahead from chem. LIQUARIM- i just couldn't fit that and liquidex together, thought it might be the wrong prod.
Everyone that I have ever known to use has been more then satisfied with the service and results. You'll be fine, your in good hands.
I sometimes mod at Chems site and I never seen any complants as of yet!
To be honest I never tried all their products but many have and seen 0 posts negitive other than questioning labels or packaging.

With all the people whom purchased from Chem thats a pretty good track record.

I really want to try the Cialis some day as I hear nothing but good things about it.

Viagra I tried about 4 times up to 150mgs and felt nothing at all but a headache and limp dick lol.

I hear Cialis heightens sexual sensations and is about 10 times better than Viagra and lasts lots longer with no ill felling next day.

I hope to try soon so I can honestly judge the product myself.
chemripped said:
the bottles are correct. We switched to a plastic bottle due to breakage during shipment. It is the same!


with this time of yr you must worry about glass breaking from cold weather I would imagine. I got some oils I was a bit worried was 5 below but it was cold but not frozen and fine.

I bet in the back of trucks going to Canada where it gets 30 below you have to take this weather into consideration when shipping products with no BA to keep from freezing and expanding liquids at below 32 degrees.
On another forum there was a post saying that your Liquarim is the same as PPL's Liquarim. Protodioscin (Tribulis extract) instead of Anastrozle. Is this true? Thanks
I just wanted to say that I didn't start this thread trying to imply that I was scammed or anything like that, I just wanted to make sure that there was no mix up before I started my "research". Also, chem could you contact me privately please?