190 going back to 150...


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BEHOLD!!! Angry on the diet..starting tomorrow....yeah yeah...final day/night of pigging out. gah! that's my goal...150 of nothing but muscles and prolly a side dish of fat and work my way back up from there! will keep this thread updated
best advice i can give is not not drop cals drastically. itll be more a psychological challenge than anything, but maintain your bulking calories, just switch to cleaner foods, and start cutting down the carbs and and fat slowly. (dont go low fat tho). Losing 40 pounds will take a looooong time if youre natty, and you should keep improving in the gym for the most part.
i was 110 before i even bulked up.

ok maybe not exactly 150..but ya get the idea.

diet would consist of low carb/cholesterol/fat but same protein level, more cardio and be friends with low fat milk.

do you think i should try those fat burners?
Id personally work on it a bit longer and stay up in weight, will kill your gains losin all that weight.... and especially since its winter, no need to be ripped
LiftTillIDie said:
Too much weight to lose... best of luck accomplishing your goals though!

Yeah, words like 'pigging out' and you wanting to drop 40 pounds when you aren't 300 sound rather as if you really did - pig out. Not the way to gain quality weight brother, and at your size 40 pounds is a shitload to drop.

I would suggest going for 15-20 pounds on a bulker, with quality foods so you gain quality mass. Garbage bulking will screw your metabolism and eventually losing fat is going to be damn hard, especially as you get older. Eventually you are going to be insulin resistant, only gaining fat and water, and very little true muscle mass.

Stay lean and quality bulk, IMO! Good luck!
on the pigging part, it was never meant for garbage...just big portions of everything and more milk..no junk foods at all. but ok thanks
We know you eat well and work hard Angry, that's why we don't want to see you burn up all that quality muscle you've gained.