Best time to take HGH/slin shots?


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I know some people feel differently on the subject, but if everyone with EXPERIENCE with the 2 can you please share views and suggestions.


All A.M.
All P.M.
Split A.M./P.M.
Split A.M./mid-day

Also Ironmaster if you could, can you please post the pic of the chart of GH levels throughout the day, that peaks and flats listed?? You posted it on "Elite", but I couldn't view b/c I'm not a Platinum member.

From what I have read, this is what I would do:

Pre breakfast and Pre-Bed GH
Humalog Postworkout, and glucophage with meals
No experience with GH, just slin, but when I can do both this is what I'll do from my research:

Log: with breakfast (10IU) and postworkout (10-15IU)
GH: before bed (4-6IU)
Not much expirence with slin, I just do post workout only. But with GH I would do 2-3iu AM and 2-3iu PM just before bed.
I remember reading on Elite that Ironmaster says he takes:
HGH a.m. / HGH(mid-day) Postworkout with Humalog
Then he said he let natural GH release during sleep. He posted a pic of a chart with our most flat GH production (morning and mid-day) and our peak, first 2 hours of sleep 80% of natural production.

Wondering if GH/Humalog postworkout would prove benficial with other GH dose upon waking in morning?? Ironmaster......??

Does anyone know how long after the injection the GH stays active? I know there is a 2-3 hour period after the injection before it becomes active. The reason that I dont inject after a workout is b/c I am affraid that it will interfere with my natural production of GH ( I workout rather late in the evenings) If you inject right before you go to bed then you natural production will do its thing, and then the other injected GH will become active.
thanks for the lecture but i was asking for personal thoughts and also trying to get Ironmaster to post the pic of the GH chart(with peaks and flats)

anybody thats has suggestions and not someone thats gonna act like they know everything and say "SEARCH"!

Well Doc if i already found what i wanted to know in a "search" i wouldn't be posting this questions....u think:confused:
well I apologize if you had already searched and not found what you want...I thought those threads more than adequately answered the your questions...many people just do not search and try to learn on their own, they just post a question and want the experts to give them the answers on a silver platter...

I never claimed to know everything (obviously)
Doc- apology accepted:cool:
I think that is the GH chart i was looking for, thanks.

JohnnyB-u should be able use it around 6-7p.m., as long as your using Humalog and your taking in your carbs until around 10-11 p.m. you should be ok.

Now only if we could get 2 definatet answers to these 2 questions:
1. How long is our natural gh production suppressed from "exo" GH ?? i've heard from 4-24 hrs. "not a definate answer"

2. Is it ok to take HGH/Slin(humalog) at the same time preferbably postwork?? I heard either Yes or no they lower each others effects. (HGH lowers insulin sensitivity & high bloob sugar levels lower GH)

Hopefully we'll get answers to these questions someday :mad:

If "Exo" GH suppresses our nat. production from anywhere from 4-6 hrs. the perfect time to inject would be 8am(wake up) and 3-4pm(mid-day) and get our natural production at sleep

I need an answer!!!
DIESEL1 said:
If "Exo" GH suppresses our nat. production from anywhere from 4-6 hrs. the perfect time to inject would be 8am(wake up) and 3-4pm(mid-day) and get our natural production at sleep

Makes sense to me, I'm doing my research. Plan on GH for first time this cycle.
You also have to consider serum IGF-1 levels, which are much more persistent than GH (which is why we use IGF-1 assays as a marker for GH production). That is why I tell my guys to inject their GH SC into the abdomen first thing when they arise in the morning, if they are doing 2IU per day. If they are doing 4 IU per day, then I tell them to do the second half right before going to bed. This seems to be the best compromise I have been able to come up with so far.