need controled delivery help, asap


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I think i am having a controlled delivery today, if i dont sign, no problems right,

my normal delivery guy, said his boss, asked about me and took my pack, someone just tried to deliver, and waited outside for 20 minutes, with a van across the street also,

so if i dont sign, i cant get in any trouble right, there is nothing in my house, so i should be fine right, any help asap would be great
Do not accept the package at all. Meaning do not sign for it and do not take it into your possession. When the guy tries to give it to you, just say that you are not expecting any packages from wherever it has come from. There is a good chance that the guy will then ask to talk to you. Just tell him you have nothing to talk about and close the door. Do not let anyone in your home without a search warrant.

Dont accept.
Dont talk.
Dont allow them to come inside without a warrant.

Follow these and you will be fine.
stashing the cpu is great and all but if u want a quick fix, just pull out the harddrive and that renders the machine useless, if they ask, it fried and u threw it out.
so if i dont sign, and dont let them in i am fine, he just came back, there was the same van with it, i didnt answer, will they just go away, i had a pack seized at my po box, and think they linked thewm together, was a big order, so think they will just give up, should i answer the door next time and say, what biggie told me and close the door?
should i answer the door next time and say, what biggie told me and close the door?

Trust me. Dont be stupid, listen to someone who has been through this shit before.

Answer the door next time. Do exactly what I said and you will be fine.

And if they had an active seach warrant, they wouldnt be knocking on your door. They would have busted it down by now. They do have a conditional search warrant but that only becomes effective when you accept the package. So again, follow the advice on this thread.
thanks bro, i will be on later, removing my pc from the house

Try not to let them see you carrying your PC to your car. They are going to be watching you all day today and possibly tomorrow as well.
thanks fellows, right now i am not worried, i have nothing in my house or anyone i know, so if i dont accept the pack and wont, they can come in and search find nothing besides, a pissed of juice head and his pissed dog,
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Get the hard drive out of your house, answer the door, play dumb and do not let them in without SHOWING you a search warrant.
ls, just keep your house clean and dont except any packs brother.

good luck and stay safe.

let us know how you are doing