need controled delivery help, asap

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Is it safe to put LaundrySupplies in the same scammer category as Almighty? I think so......jesus, what the hell is going on lately? In the last 1 1/2 months, there have been numerous long-time, well-regarded sources (as well as some Mod sources like Almighty) who have gone scammer. I think that the screws need to be tightened. It has become obvious that the threats of beat-downs are no longer working.....why? Because as the years go by, laws are become more strict as to how someone can "deal" with problem people. You can't fight, even in self-defense anymore, without getting arrested AND sued. You can't even spank your child, no matter how bad he misbehaves. You can't even VERBALLY confront someone, for then they will have you arrested for making terroristic threats (3rd degree felony in the US). Shit is getting out of control.

And I apologize to Biggie, the Mods and others on this board if my actions seem inappropriate or excessive, but "physical confrontations" are the only method for us bros in the game to deal with scammers. What the hell else can we do, file a police report? LOL (officer, my source scammed me in my illegal Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) transaction---hahaha). You cannot use the police nor the criminal justice system in any way, shape or form to file either criminal charges, or a civil lawsuit, against a scammer. AND THE SCAMMERS KNOW THIS. Thus, the only weapon we have against scammers is the fear of "physical retribution". But of late, when anyone is scammed, too many members and Mods of numerous boards always say----don't go after him, that will only make it worse. But if we don't, how else can the problem be solved? It is the lax and fearful attitude of people that are making scammers more brazen. This must be stopped----and the first step is to stop making scammers think that nothing will be done to them. They must learn that they will be punished, one way or the other.
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cosksucker, well anyinfo, you guys have on him, pm me, i dont feel like loosing my $ without, personally feeling GOOD
Here's his avatar pic... if a mod or admin can check and see what the postid is of the deleted post in the members pics forum is then I probably have that one too (theres too many damn pics for me to open every single one).... god u gotta love temp internet files.... good thing I got mine set to save 2 gigs....
ya buff its a shame so many guys who seemed to be good!! are fucking alot of good people out of there hard earned money
I worked with a couple guys that quit this way back when I worked retail years and years ago. They "lost" 5k somehow at the end of day totals as store managers, that was how they figured on getting severance pay I guess. So I guess since the busts are coming some people are leaving this way, as for individuals though WTF, nothing but backstabbing. Now we have the feds trying to fuck us as well as our "own."
Hulkster said:
Bro, it's has been posted, under several EF Mod approved threads, that dodgeford went scammer around mid-late April.

I used to talk to him very often....but I have not been to EF for months so I did not know that he went bad also.....that is good to know, thanks Hulkster!!! Oh, by the way I believe the last time we spoke he was going by a new name???
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