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Sergio Oliva (1978), Dorian Yates (1993), Arnold Schwarzenegger (1973), Ronnie Coleman (2001)
This one's just for a size comparison. The Sergio shot is the only one taken from a competition- the 1978 WBBG Mr. Olympus. The Dorian and Arnold images were shot in gyms. Ronnie's is from a guest posing exhibition. The differences in the men's physique is amazing. At first glance one is overwhelmed ny the sheer mass of Dorian and Ronnie. But on closer inspection there are merits to Sergio incredible "V" taper and to Arnold's vacuum and thigh separation.
Dorian Yates(1995?), Arnold Schwarzenegger (1975), Ronnie Coleman (1999), Franco Columbu (1975), Sergio Oliva (1981?)
Franco jumps into the scene to show off his best bodypart. Again, Dorian and Ronnie show amazing mass and thickness. But, interestingly, Arnold and Franco exhibit fine details that aren't so easily identified in the newer champs. Arnold's calves fair well in comparison too. Admittedly, this isn't a great shot of Sergio's back- he's a bit soft- but the upper back and shoulder mass is nearly equal to Ronnie's.
Lee Priest(1999?),
Danny Padilla (1992)
A couple of the shorter guys get their turn to square off. One of today's top pros, 5'5" Lee Priest goes up against 5'2" Danny Padilla. Although Padilla's photo was taken in '92 he is a true Iron Ager, having been a top competitor in the 70's. He did get into his all-time best shape at the age of 41 as depicted in this gym shot. Both of these men have had no problem going up against competition half a foot taller and more!
Chris Dickerson (1982), Ronnie Coleman(2001)
Despite being 4" taller, Ronnie Coleman outweighs Chris Dickerson by some 80 pounds, and it shows. Especially in the arms and legs. In fact, it's amazing to consider that 20 years ago Chris was considered to have one of the best pairs of legs around yet each of Ronnie's looks like it can fit both of Chris'! Yet notice the classic lines and proportions Dickerson displays at a mere 185 lbs.
Lee Priest (2000?), Larry Scott (1965)
Here are two of the greatest arms in the history of bodybuilding. Both stretch the tape to over 20" yet they are on men of relatively short stature with Lee being 5'5" and Larry standing at 5'7". The first Mr. Olympia's arms hold their own against those of the man who is widely recognized as having the best arms of the 21st century.
The Olympians: Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu. Frank Zane, Chris Dickerson, Samir Bannout, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman
Here it is. The ultimate lineup. If the ten men who've won the Mr. Olympia title stood side-by-side onstage (disregarding time), this is what it might look like. While Dorian's and Ronnie's overall mass is astounding, Lee represents the end of the "Iron Era" thanks to his heroic proportions.
Frank Zane (1984), Markus Ruhl (2001)
The ultimate in aesthetics versus the ultimate in mass. At 5'9" Frank Zane weighed in the neighborhood of 190-195 lbs. in top shape. At 5'11" Markus Ruhl weighs 275-280 lbs., a difference of some 85 lbs. or more than 40 additional pounds. This means that Ruhl hass more than one-third additional bodymass per inch of height (138%) than Zane! Who would you rather look like?
Lee Haney (1991), Dorian Yates(1993)
The standard for size changed drastically between the reigns of Lee Haney, which ended in 1991, and Dorian Yates, which began in 1992. At the same height, Dorian carried as much as 25 more pounds of mass on his frame. Although by contest time the difference was a little less than ten, it showed in a very dramatic way
Dennis Tinnerino (1981), Gunter Schlierkamp (2001)
Two underappreciated big men. Dennis, at 6'0" tipped the scales at a massive 230 lbs. Despite his amazing size and development he only won three IFBB shows. At 6'1" and almost 300 lbs. Gunter is the biggest guy around today and has been so for many years yet has never won an IFBB show.
Flex Wheeler (1993), Serge Nubret(1979?)
These may be the two most aesthetically perfect men to put on a pair of posing trunks. After 1993 Flex decided to compete with the mass monsters at their game and went from this 220 lb. form to 250. Most observers, even today, feel that in his case bigger isn't better. Possessing a similar physique, 210 lb. Serge also proved this point in nosing out 270 lb. Lou Ferrigno at the 1975 Mr. Olympia.
Gary Strydom (1992), Nasser el Sombaty (2001), Lou Ferrigno (1972)
Gary could be considered an "Iron Ager" as he competed mostly in the 1980's and, while developing superhuman size, maintained the aesthetic ideals of his forbears. Nasser is clearly a post-ironager. At 275 lbs. he is pure muscle mass without much concern for shape (but he is, from what I hear, a very nice guy). The Louie shot is a bit unfair as he's about 20 in it. However, even at this age, note how his chest and arm development is about on par with his rivals. While thigh development has clearly improved over the years, chest and arms really have not
Lee Haney (1991) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (1973)
It was Lee who broke Arnold's record of seven Mr. Olympia wins with the form seen here. The debate continues to this day as to who was better
Nice post Easto ,it,s amazing how far the sport has progressed over the years.
Nice post bro....
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bringsback memories! thanks bro. I like the lee haney physique but the newmass monsters would look great if only they can keep there gut in check.
Maybe it's just a sign of my age but I still think guys like Haney and Strydom look incredible. BBers of that time had great size but maintained the symmetry that is missing today.

Great post Easto...