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Sarmssearch has always been good to me and when it was announced that they would have Tesofensine available soon, I talked to Wifee about it.

TESO is touted as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster to boot! This interested Wifee a lot! She has seen the results of the Sarmssearch ******** I’ve used and agreed to give it a try :)

She will not, tho, member up nor post her starting weight. Lol! Note that we paid for the TESO ourselves. This is not a sponsored blog.

She is 5 foot nothing and overweight; fighting genetics, numerous injuries and age as she is fast approaching 60yo. Long ago post-menopausal and on a test dose of 15mg/wk and 2iu/day IGF for quite a while now.

Starting dose today @ 0.75mg per day first thing in the morning at which time she will hit the scale too. I will blog for her weight changes, sides, etc.

If no negative sides after one week, she will increase dose

So let us begin!
Concert last night so beer +1, other fluids -1

Weight.... exactly the same! She thought the scale was busted lol! Nope. Just gonna take some time to note effects :)
Yesterday back up to starting weight. She increased dose to 1ml/day.
Says taste nasty! Lol

Today down 1.2 pounds! Happy girl
No negative sides noted
Still holding @ 1 pound down. Not surprising after a week of travel, music gigs n hotelling

Definitely no negative effect on her libido btw!

May increase dose some.

Understand my expectations here. We all know what is needed to lose weight. I also know I am not allowed, in any way, to bug her about it! Lol! So what I am hoping the TESO will do is dampen her appetite while increasing her metabolism, organically (if that is the best word) causing weight loss.
It's starting to decrease my appetite. I've gotten dry mouth and some nausea for sides. It's also giving me some super vivid dreams.
Would coconut oil work? If so how many tablespoons a day would you recommend?

My experience has been 3 tablespoons a day is most effective for quickly getting into ketosis. Just be sure not to take it all at once as this can cause an upset stomach. Before meals for me. Your body will feel great to be in nutritional ketosis and running on fat instead of sugar.
Just be sure to stay close to the bathroom for the first week until your body gets used to it and whatever you do, do not eat any type of berry for that first week as well.