testosterone cypionate only log

Don King

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This is my 2nd cycle, which i'm logging.

the first cycle was EQ only @ 800mg/week. logged here.


This is testosterone cypionate only @ 500mg/week... 350 mgs each 5 days. technically 490 mgs/week, but c'mon.... dosage isn't exact.

The lab is PVL ( a UG canadian lab ). I have nolvadex on hand and for PCT.

I'll be taking it with a bit of Saw Palmetto to mitigate DHT sides and B5 (panothenic acid) to prevent acne. 640mgs/day standardized to 85% fatty acids & 2 grams/day respectively.

my first shot was today... no frontloading.
starting weight is 180lbs. @ a low bodyfat.... all abs fired up :cool:
DADAWG said:
keep us updated bro , how long are you running it for?

ah hahhaa.....

plan is 10 weeks.

i'm toying with the idea of some HCG at that point and to keep it going at a lower dosage with another compound.
You should take some before pics so you have something to compare to at the end of the cycle.
well I started on August 3 and it's September 7 now.
I posted a weekly update then the board crashed and since then it was all gone.

I edited my original cycle quite a bit since starting it. I ran 900mg of cypionate instead of 500 for the first 4 weeks, then dropped to 700 and added 700mg of prop (also PVL) to total 1.4 grams of test/week. shot eod.

I'm also using propecia with it.

my weight is now 192, but i'm significantly fatter. I don't thinkn i got watery. other than a bit of extra strength, and the weight, i feel 0 effects/side effects from the test..

not running any anti-e.

may start some dbol in a few weeks.

when I run out of cypionate, i'll switch to 1.5 (maybe 2) grams of propionate/week.. i like the stuff way better. I only started noticing gains when i added prop this week! i think i'm starting to look fuller and my lagging upper chest is def. getting better.
yeah i think you should wait before you hit those dossages, you can proobly get the same gains with lower dossages.
totally drop down the dose... i got about 5 cycles under my belt and still see incredible gains each time with no more than 500mg/wk of test and like 300mg/wk of deca... no d-bol for me anymore, but i'm tempted.

it's september 15 now

my weight is now 196, up 4 lbs from 8 days ago, up 16 pds since beginning of cycle (fair amount of fat though, little if any extra water). still cruising at 700mg test prop/wk & 700mg test cyp/wk taken eod. no anti-e's being run with this still.

Still !0! side effects. The only way I can tell I'm taking this (wonderful) stuff is my strength goes up every week as does my weight.

Some random lifts I wrote down from before cycle (Aug. 3) vs. Now.

Aug. 3, 2003:
Incline bench: 185 x 3
Deadlift: 405 x 3
Squat ass to ground: 245x3
Shoulder press: 75x3
bent over rows: 225x6
dumbbell curl: 50x10 (alternating L, R -- five reps/arm)

Sep. 15, 2003:

Incline bench: 205 x 3
Deadlift: 445 x 4
Squat ass to ground: 295x5
Shoulder press: 80x5
bent over rows: 295x6
dumbbell curl: 60x10 (alternating L, R -- five reps/arm)
whoh, take it down a notch....if you think maybe your cyp is fake, then why not just take 700mg of prop a week...even though thats alot too...but not as much as a gram and a half:eek2:
sept. 21. gains are still coming. weight is 194. body composition is totally changing, and all my lifts are up. lots of my reps on my core excercises have doubled since the beginning of the cycle.

my nuts may have shrank a little bit but it might be in my head.... i still have huge nuts. peace.
Don King said:
nothing is fake.

i do not seem to react bad at all to high doses, so might as well.

you should put this in the anabolic section. id like to see what people have to say about your dosing. so now your third cycle are you gonna go for 4 grams a week?
CaptainAwesome said:
you should put this in the anabolic section. id like to see what people have to say about your dosing. so now your third cycle are you gonna go for 4 grams a week?

I've read articles discussing downregulation/upregulation from Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and neither can be proven pharmalogically or through large test bases of subjects. So i'm only worried about the sides, and I believe that's taken care of.

I plan on taking a maintenance dose of 250 mg/wk for 8 wks at the end of wk 12 then hitting maybe 2 grams/week for another 12 weeks. I can't swing 4gr/wk right now financially, and even if I could at my weight I believe too much of it would go to waste to warrent the amount of depot in my ass. But I wouldn't shirk from it because of sides unless they evidence themselves in intermediary doses.

my theory is you're all just jealous and wish you were running 1.5 g/wk! :D
I'm taking 400 mgs of cyp ONLY started 6 days ago,weight is up 5 pounds and bench 20 pounds already.I think maybe you want to gain to much TOO fast,slow down and be PATIENT.Just a thought,what do you guys think?
i don't know about being jealous.... i can afford to run 4 grams a week, doesn't mean im gonna do it...lol...i understand maybe a gram...even a gram and a half TOPS of TOTAL GEAR for a second cycle...like 600mg test 600mg EQ...and dbol...but thats even alot...i don't want to break the 500mg mark for test till about my 4th or 5th cycle...why rais it if you can gain the same? its not about money, its about health...not sides you see right now, but sides that come later on...Long Term Sides...But its all good, can you post your diet? i wana see what your eating besides all this test :)
i respect your critiques, however i've never heard evidence that the higher the dose the worse the longterm sides.

diet is all over the place

however, the daily base of it is:

1.5 lbs chicken breasts
about 400 grams of rice
4-6 litres of milk
a lot of granola bars (48g each)
200grams of assorted nuts
some flax seeds
few bowls of cereal here and there

i eat a meal every 2-3 hours containing chicken, rice, milk, nuts though about 6-7 times/day with other crap thrown in for snacking basicly.

weight is 196 and i can still see the top 4 abs in some lighting conditions.. they're out nicely after a workout.
Well you picked the right name for your username. Cuz you are a freakin clown bro! I posted a bunch in your first log that disappeared.
I said many times, as others here have, that you are doing WAY too much gear!
You weigh less than 200 pounds, and are doing a 1.5 grams?
You are biting off more than you can chew!

You didn't even allow time for the Cyp. to kick in before you bumped the dosage up double.

I am in the middle of week 6 of my cycle and am up only 10 pounds, but you better beleive that i am not going to be upping my dosage to crazt numbers because of it.

Remember health first!

I will laugh my ass off when you start taking 2+grams/week and you are going to be barely over 200lbs.!

What a fucking joke!