Pound for Pound - Who's got the best bench?


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Since I didn't even come close to winning to size contest I thought I'd redeem myself with the bench. Bouncing the weight doesn't count. It has to be a "controlled" lift with your ass planted firmed on the bench - no arching the back either.

I'm 223 pounds and my max bench for one rep is 415.
I have no idea really... first..I just bought my own gym and only have about 415lbs of weight I can use, second I never do plain regular flat bench

4 board press - 415+50lbs chains

doubled green reverse--415+chains...not enough weight, did it easy like 7x

315 + greens

365 + greens decline

No clue really. I have been PL for about 6 months, but only about 2 months were very active due to sickness and no gym. Sucks...

I would guess its around upper 300's - lower 400's. My weak spot is off my chest, I need to work on speed.

I weight like 235 and am 5'7"

Give me 6 months and Ill hit 500 shirted.
Billy_Bathgate said:
I would guess its around upper 300's - lower 400's. My weak spot is off my chest, I need to work on speed. I weight like 235 and am 5'7" Give me 6 months and Ill hit 500 shirted.

Bro, I thought for sure you'd have me beat.
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Actually, thats why I switched over...its too easy for me to gain mass. I can diet down, but I hate dieting. So I said Ill go PL and do BB when Im older and the joints are too worn.

I feel terrible too. Im 235 and feel like my strenght is terrible even though its not compared to a whole population. I think the carry over of self image from BB has emerged to PL aspects.
Its not me guys, I am 6'4 245 and did a 2 rep max at 385. I broke my back 3 years ago and had to take about 2 years off of lifting. Give me a little time and it will be back up there.

Im 5'8 and weigh about 215.. I haven't maxed bench in over a year..and that was 400 even (just missed 405) now I bench 315 for 3 sets of 8 pretty easy.. hmmmm time to bump it up a bit..but remember..Im over 30 and under 40.... so Im an old man around here......
I'm sure my bench isn't the greatest for my weight 240. I haven't done regular flat bench in a while. I inclined 315 for 6 last week and did close grips with 275 for 3 the other day.
Juice, you have to stop comparing yourself to everyone - I'm worried about your self-esteem. Whats with all the "Who's the biggest, who's got the biggest bench", etc. All that matters is that you are doing the best you can:)
I am no monater either, but i push some decent weight on the bench....i weigh 208-212 dependent on the day and i maxed out on Monday at 435 on flat...not great, but not good....it will get better...


Wasn't too horribly bad, had a spinal fusion done on L4-L5 with pedicle screws, titanium rods and screws. Hurt like a bitch at the time. they had to cut my lower back muscles to get to my vertabrae. the surgeon told me my lower back muscles were in excellent shape, that when he was cutting them it was like cutting rope. After 1 1/2 years I was allowed to start back light lifting and after 2 years I was allowed to start everything. Thats when I fell in love with deadlifting. While I am not the greatest at it I have worked it up to 455. I hope to have 500 by summer.

its amazing...400 and 500 pound benches coming out of the wood work

at body weights of about 200 too...

how do you guys get so strong? im genuinely curious.
seriously,do you bench like 50lbs more per cycle or what?

steroids dont make me any stronger...but i do get bigger.
so its fucked up how weak i am for my weight
I'm 6'0 at 220. Last time I maxed out was like 6 months ago. 345lbs 1 time. Now I can do 315lbs 5 times so I would think around 355lbs. Not sure.